Leoncio Ramirez Vasquez photographer, producer, Peruvian Amazon expert

Leoncio Ramírez Vásquez

Photographer, producer, Peruvian Amazon expert | Peru

Based in Iquitos, Leoncio is an expert in local cultural realities, indigenous communities and rainforest film production. He has received numerous recognitions for his films, including “El Rio” at Ethnografilm Festival in Paris 2019.

As a uniquely knowledgeable and experienced audiovisual artist of the Peruvian Amazon, “Leo” works as a photographer, producer and teacher. Mentored by Mario Acha, an internationally known documentary filmmaker, “Leo” grew up in Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon and was a general producer of the documentary “Amazónico Soy” (“I am Amazonian”).

He is currently the director of Xinguito Producción Audiovisual and for many years he coordinated the Audio Visual Production unit of La Restinga and participated in itinerant audiovisual workshops for Kinomada (Iquitos,2009; Quebec,2010; Habana, 201; Mexico 2013).

His documenting of various sustainable development projects for international and Peruvian NGOs has contributed to the cultural continuity of indigenous peoples and riverine inhabitants of the Amazon basin.

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