A Day in the Life | Lebanon

“Ask anyone you meet, what they know about Lebanon and you will invariably receive one or both of the following replies: Oh, yeah, Beirut! It was once the Riviera of the Middle East. Great place to party! Or A damn shame what war has done to that country, poor people.”

Mark Abouzeid, Director

24 hours in the lives of the People of Lebanon, the most misunderstood culture in the world.

If Lebanon has seen nothing but war and parties for the last 40 years with no culture of its own, then how could it have provided so much to world culture in the sciences, arts, design, fashion, music, world politics, business and entertainment? Real life is never quite like what you see online, so here is a chance to experience a real day.

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Produced by Cedars Productions & REAL LIVES.
Directed by Mark Abouzeid.
Filmed entirely in Lebanon.
Edited and Coloured by Mark Abouzeid.

Copyright Cedars Productions, 2015
all rights reserved