Real Lives Multicultural Association is registered as a Gemeinnuetziger Verein, ZVR-Zahl 1776044357, in Gleinstaetten, Austria.

Real Lives is an internationally accredited non profit organization established to discover, train and transmit cultural voices that promote global diversity, cultural heritage, planetary sustainability and human respect on a personal level.

  • We empower them to define stories that represent their experience, knowledge and issues.
  • We train them to express and share their stories through film, video and podcasts.
  • We transmit their stories to audiences at film festivals, our international members and online audience.
  • We connect them to other unique cultures, communities and artisans to inspire future collaborations.

Our projects are tools to promote a model of society that is based on respect for cultural diversity, biodiversity and local traditions; is in harmony with the environment; offers gratification both in quality of life and work; and aims to transmit this heritage to future generations.

As a member supported multicultural association, our own community is comprised of culturally curious individuals, passionate artisans, unique communities and initiatives focusing on safeguarding heritage and promoting global sustainability.