People used to be inspired by the world, now most of them fear it. I don’t want to; I want to be exposed to new cultures and and explore other ways of living.

Real Lives supporting member, 28 years of age.

Supporting Members

As a supporting member, you share a general interest in our goals and mission. You support our work, are curious about other cultures and how, together, we can make our lives better and take a step towards a positive future.

Supporting members are essential in spreading the word and drive our projects.

  • attend film screenings, events and workshops;
  • meet other like minded people;
  • explore different ways of life;
  • practise a new language;
  • enter an open dialogue on conscious living and our planet;
  • try something new; and
  • help preserve their own culture.

“I am doing everything I can in my circles and community. I am a conscious consumer, buy bio products or from farmers markets and recycle my waste. I know, that there are big issues in the world and want to help.”

Real Lives Supporting member, 40 years of age.

Participating Members

As an participating member, you are involved in the work, projects and collaborations. You may be an artist, artisan, change catalyst, community representative or visionary. You are the cornerstone of our community.

Participating members make up the bulk of our resources, knowledge and project teams.

  • share your work;
  • introduce us to new subjects and communities;
  • collaborate on projects;
  • add your voice to the dialogue on building a sustainable future;
  • host international workshops;
  • offer your language skills to our work;
  • collaborate with other members on unique initiatives; and
  • volunteer for international projects.

I am tired of hearing about the problems; I want solutions and to be part of the solution. Inspire me with stories of hope and challenge. Teach me to make my own life whole, ethical, sustainable and meaningful. Tell me your story, your history and your dream.


Annual fee: €29 Supporting membership
Status: individual

  • access to entire library of films
  • 5% discount on workshops, products and 3rd party events
  • free access to member events
  • welcome package with gift
  • annual member meeting and film screening
  • vote in general assembly
  • online project diary
  • membership directory

Annual fee: €49 Participating membership
Status: individual or community representative

  • all benefits of supporting members
  • profile on RealLives.press to highlight your own work
  • connect with other participating members
  • promote your events to members and on RealLives.press
  • partner on RealLives projects
  • vote in general assembly
  • online project diary
  • membership directory

Become a member of our community, volunteer on projects and help create a sustainable future.

To become a member, use the form in the sidebar or click here for the Member Application Page.