The aim of the association is the preservation and dissemination of intangible cultural heritage with a focus on international connections and inter-cultural exchange. The focus of the association’s activities is on the communication and dissemination of contemporary and traditional knowledge in art and culture as well as the promotion of awareness as the unifying component of cultural exchange.

In this context, the association has set itself the task of preparing content from art, culture and living tradition for an audience of the 21st century. The association also serves to promote cultural exchange and awareness in rural areas and among indigenous communities.

The goal of the association / NPO is to be sustainable or self-supporting fully covering running costs through its own activities as well as annually recurring membership fees and support, co-production, pay-it-forward model.

Founders (Citizenship)
  • Sophie Beer (Austria), Chairman
  • Mark Abouzeid (USA & Italian permenant residence), Director

Real Lives Multicultural Association is registered as a Gemeinnuetziger Verein, ZVR-Zahl 1776044357, in Gleinstaetten, Austria. Stifter-Helfen (Austria) NGO Registration number 1914836.


In order to meet its goals, the association focuses activities in four distinct arenas:

  • Witnessing
    • Intangible cultural heritage at risk
    • Disappearing traditional crafts/vocations
    • Indigenous/underrepresented communities
    • Social change and adaptation
    • Cultural and individual diversity
    • Climate change and sustainability initiatives
  • Training
    • Community representation through Indie Filmmaking
    • Bi-lingual Educational video strategies
    • Documentary Testimonial techniques
    • Empowering young cultural entrepreneurs
    • Windows & Mirrors content production
  • Transmitting
    • Real Lives Youtube Channel
    • Reallives.press
    • Podcasts
    • Film Festivals
    • Content library licensing
    • Living Books article publication
  • Connecting
    • Local member events
    • Online member events
    • Project Partnering
    • Participating member profiles
    • Collaboration workshops