curious about other cultures, striving to make their lives better and adapting towards a more positive future.

“Despite all the options for connecting online through social media, meeting new people of like mind or similar interests in the real world has become nearly impossible. I love the member events, film premieres and partner workshops. ”

Real Lives participating member, 28 years of age.

Supporting Members

As a local participating member, you share a general interest in our goals and mission. You support our work, are curious about other cultures and how, together, we can make our lives better and take a step towards a positive future. Local members

  • attend film screenings, events and workshops;
  • meet other like minded people;
  • explore different ways of life;
  • practise a new language;
  • enter an open dialogue on conscious living and our planet;
  • try something new; and
  • help preserve their own culture.

“I am doing everything I can in my circles and community. I am a conscious consumer, buy bio products or from farmers markets and recycle my waste. I know, that there are big issues in the world and don’t know how to help. I have a job, a family and very little time.”

Real Lives participating member, 40 years of age.

Active Members

As an international member, you interact with the community mostly online watching films, reading reviews, sharing on instagram and interacting with other members. You

  • support and follow our work;
  • learn about other places and ways of life;
  • explore ways in which to live better today;
  • enter a dialogue on building a sustainable future;
  • attend international workshops;
  • learn or practise another language; and
  • volunteer for international projects.

I actually tried to change things to the better by being involved in green activism. I gave up because I realised that scaring people with the horrors of the world does not help. I want to be part of a positive change. I want to be part of creating a vision for a liveable future.

Real Lives participating member, 18 years of age.

Why should I become a member of Real Lives?

You may or may not have international experience or speak more than one language, you like where and how you live, you are interested to get more insight into other people’s lives and cultures.

You do not have time to volunteer or actively participate in our projects, but you would like to see the films we offer and support the activities we are involved in.

You like to occasionally meet with people, who have the same interest in the world and when possible, participate in local activities.

Annual fee: €29 Participating membership
Status: individual

  • access to entire library of films
  • 5% discount on workshops, products and 3rd party events
  • free access to member events
  • welcome package with gift
  • annual member meeting and film screening
  • monthly newsletter (new films, reviews, articles, events and updates)
  • one vote in general assembly
  • online project diary
  • membership directory