Sophie Beer, Chairperson & Founder

A diverse background in artistic work, scientific research, cultural events and film production.

Sophie draws from the diversity of her background knowledge and experience in artistic work, scientific research, cultural events and film production to define, create and implement new projects.

Sophie Beer is an art historian and cultural manager from Vienna. She grew up as a professional stage dancer which gave her a core discipline and a love for culture and the arts. Throughout her studies she worked for the theatre and performance festival Wiener Festwochen, the Turn On architecture festival and the Kaufhaus Schiepek, where she discovered her love for jewellery.

At the age of 27 she decided to go to Florence to conduct her studies in goldsmithing and jewellery design for three years at the renowned Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School (LAO), from which she graduated in 2015. Throughout her time at LAO she was project assistant for various international and local exhibitions and events, including the Preziosa / Florence Jewellery Week 2015 for which she received the scholarship for art historians abroad from the Austrian Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (BMUKK). As a delegate of LAO she participated at the ELIA conference in Glasgow 2015.

Since 2012 she is the registrar of a private contemporary art collection, specialising in digital archiving with TMS (The Museum System) and insurance reporting. In 2016 she decided to focus her experience and capabilities into producing documentary films on intangible cultural heritage and artisan crafts, partnering with Mark Abouzeid. 

She currently is executive director of Real Lives Multicultural Association, which serves to disseminate, transmit and enhance the importance of collective and personal cultural heritage to allow for intercultural understanding and respect.