Voces Indigenàs (Peru)

“The project has an impact on the improvement of young cultural entrepreneurs, providing tools and resources for the creation of audiovisual proposal with new messages and different points of view about the world and life, and particularly, with Amazonians cultural manifestations and experiences.” FELIX ANTONIO LOSSIO CHAVEZ, Ministry of Culture

Voces Indigenàs (Peru)

“This well thought out and planned project focuses on the training of indigenous youth in the Peruvian Amazon region to create and produce their own indie documentary films and learn to manage their distribution and ensuing economic benefits. This could have an impact on the empowerment and capacity building of young men and women from four Amazonian indigenous communities.” UNESCO IFCD | EXPERT PROJECT EVALUATION

Walking out of Lockdown

It is the nature of creatives, artisans and social protagonists to be flexible and forward looking. Who better to adapt or inspire constructive societal change during this pandemic crisis?

Peruvian Workshop Covid-19 Update

Dear Artists, due to the corona virus situation the Peruvian Amazon Storytelling Workshop workshop will be postponed. We will update you as soon as possible!

Peruvian Amazon Workshop (2020)

For 10 days, 15 passionate writers, artists and filmmakers will be submerged in the density of the Peruvian Amazonas and the lives of the local Shawi.

Voces Indígenas

Local communities and indigenous peoples are disproportionately affected by climate change impacts because they rely on fragile ecosystems for their livelihoods, but they also hold many of the solutions to the climate change crisis.