Rafael Chanchari Pizuri

Shawi teacher, shaman & philosopher | Peru Born in the Peruvian Amazon, Rafael Chanchari Pizuri is a philosopher and Amazonian from the Shawi ethnic group. His spiritual ecological discourse, rooted in indigenous cosmovisions of the indigenous cultures of the Peruvian Amazon, foregrounds the current environmental challenges and complex symbolic narratives of indigenous Amazonians. He is … Continue reading Rafael Chanchari Pizuri

Leoncio Ramírez Vásquez

Photographer, producer, Peruvian Amazon expert | Peru Based in Iquitos, Leoncio is an expert in local cultural realities, indigenous communities and rainforest film production. He has received numerous recognitions for his films, including “El Rio” at Ethnografilm Festival in Paris 2019. As a uniquely knowledgeable and experienced audiovisual artist of the Peruvian Amazon, “Leo” works … Continue reading Leoncio Ramírez Vásquez

Mark Abouzeid

Filmmaker, photojournalist, storyteller | USA/Italy/Lebanon Mark Abouzeid is a multidisciplinary professional whose work resides at the crossroads of exploration, innovation, inspiration and education. Over his extended career, he has worked in International Economics, Technology Development, Innovation Theory, Photojournalism, Documentary Filmmaking and Cultural Heritage. Today, Mark collaborates on projects around the world to protect cultural heritage, … Continue reading Mark Abouzeid