The oral histories of John Pendray, Marine Painter

“It’s the solutions people find to problems. Why is it that on an Indonesian Island, a fisherman has a round boat like a basket? If you go to Wales, you will find Coracles, which is virtually the same thing. Why? Same problems; same physical situations produce very similar results. Not always, though.”

John Pendray, Marine Painter

The Sea People Series: Episode 2

John Pendray is a living book of the seas and the ships men use to navigate it. Born in England, his love for the sea began early. A French citizen, he has lived in Marseille for over 40 years and sails with the French Navy as official painter.

In his studio, Pendray explores the diverse cultural similarities among vessels in disparate parts of the world and the reasons why.

Distance learning needs more Living Books.

As more and more schools move to some measure of distance learning and parents opt for home schooling, Living Books become more important. Children can connect with films like this storytelling video of Marine Artist, John Pendray, as they are exposed to the diversity and evolution of seafaring. Like a grandfather telling a story or a class presenter, these films need to be less formal than classic profiles to create empathy.

Directed by Mark Abouzeid
Executive Producer by Kathelin Gray
Produced by Real Lives Multicultural Association
in collaboration with Ecotechnics Marine LLC

Lives and Legends of the Mediterranean Sea
Research Vessel Heraclitus
Ecotechnics Maritime, Llc.
Institute of Ecotechnics

John Pendray

“The River”, Original Music by Muzychuk

Johanna Eurich, Interviewer
Christine Handte, Expedition Chief
Claus Tober, Captain, R/V Heraclitus

Shot on location in Marseille, France.

Christine Handte
Giles Delmas
Mark Abouzeid
Bozkurt Palanduz

Thanks to

Jordi Richter
F&S Fund
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et de la Méditerranée, MuCEM
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Shot with DJI Osmo Pocket, DJI Mavic Air,
Sony 4k XD Camera, Sony 4k Handy Cam, Nikon D3.
Edited in Davinci Resolve and LumaFusion.

Sound Engineer Mark Abouzeid

“Thames barges racing on the Medway”, Sailing with the Foxwell Family
“St. Ives Bay” Videvo
“Rocky Coastline 3”, Videvo
“Rocky Coastline 2”, Videvo
“Gishing Boat St. Ives”, Videvo
“Artist St. Ives”, Videvo