Mark Abouzeid

Filmmaker, photojournalist, storyteller | USA/Italy/Lebanon

Mark Abouzeid is a multidisciplinary professional whose work resides at the crossroads of exploration, innovation, inspiration and education. Over his extended career, he has worked in International Economics, Technology Development, Innovation Theory, Photojournalism, Documentary Filmmaking and Cultural Heritage.

Today, Mark collaborates on projects around the world to protect cultural heritage, build links between communities, raise awareness of pressing risks, and transmit traditional knowledge to future generations. Having moved countries for the first time at 10 months of age, Abouzeid has lived and worked in over 35 countries including the polar arctic, bedouin deserts and countless seas.

He is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, photojournalist, author and fine artist. Currently, he is the Director of Filmmaking for Real Lives Multicultural Association.