Paris in Springtime

“Finding my Lebanon” and the Real Lives crew at Ethnograf Film Festival

What better opportunity to go to Paris in early spring than being invited to a small, cultural film festival? “Finding my Lebanon”, Mark’s personal discovery of his Lebanese roots will be shown at Ethnograf Film Festival in Paris this April. The festival’s scope is to promote films that celebrate cultural insight, follow social patterns and discuss how humans live together all over the planet. I am proud to accompany Mark as we meet other filmmakers and discuss their perspectives on diverse cultures around the world.

At the charming “Ciné 13 Théâtre”, located in the historic artist’s quartier Montmartre, we will celebrate the end of the film’s festival circuit. To watch its world premiere at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2016 was definitely an unforgettable experience. Being part of something big certainly has its attraction. Nevertheless, I am more of a “small is beautiful” person.

Ethnograf offers the opportunity to engage with like minded filmmakers, producers and academics. It is intended as a platform to exchange experiences, share inspiration and encourage collaborations. Over four days, we hope to see all the films presented (try that in Cannes), as long as we have enough coffee and pain au chocolat to fuel our stamina. We are definitely planning to take you with us and will share our experience live from Paris. Restez à l’écoute!

The film will be online publicly until the beginning of April. After that, it will only be viewable in theatres and on video on demand. Subscribe to our youtube channel now, to watch it as often as you like. Only subscribers will have the chance to view behind the scenes coverage, insights and interviews direct from the festival.