Rafael Chanchari Pizuri

Shawi teacher, shaman & philosopher | Peru

Born in the Peruvian Amazon, Rafael Chanchari Pizuri is a philosopher and Amazonian from the Shawi ethnic group. His spiritual ecological discourse, rooted in indigenous cosmovisions of the indigenous cultures of the Peruvian Amazon, foregrounds the current environmental challenges and complex symbolic narratives of indigenous Amazonians.

He is also a shaman and a teacher, who has contributed a great deal to the education of indigenous bilingual teachers of many ethnic groups in the Zungarococha FORMABIAP-AIDESEP Educational Center in Iquitos, Peru.

Featured in award-winning documentaries and feature articles, Rafael is uniquely able to transmit a holistic cosmology of the Shawi people, changing eco-system and traditional mythology with ease of storytelling that captivates his listeners.