Sophie Beer

Object Artist, Art Historian, Cultural Manager | Austria

Sophie Beer grew up in Vienna and, from an early age, learned to appreciate both rural and urban life, nature and culture. Since then, these seeming contrasts have evolved as an expression of inclusive diversity and not of opposites.

Beginning her career in cultural management, she served 9 years as a supervisor at the Wiener Festwochen in Vienna and continues to manage contemporary art collections for high net worth individuals. In 2012, Sophie started to follow her passion in jewellery design and goldsmithing attending Le Arti Orafe Contemporary Jewellery School (LAO) in Florence, Italy.

Despite being trained as a goldsmith and designer, she chooses to be an object artist. Her pieces speak of memories, relationships and connections between human beings. Her focus is to use ‘wearable art‘, made of unconventional materials, as a tool to communicate stories and to open up a dialogue.

Since 2015, she has collaborated on films with Cedars Productions in Europe and Lebanon in the areas of cultural heritage and production. She is the author of the book “The Hans Schullin Collection – Jewelry Design of the 1990s”, and the founder of Real Lives Multicultural Association.