The Public Artist: Rania Tabbara’s ‘The Shelter Suitcase’

There are two certainties in conflict: all wars end and no one escapes untouched.

Rania Tabbara, Public Artist

Beirut, Lebanon. 9 women sit in the same chair: an original ottoman scarred in the war. With their bomb shelter bag at their feet; they share their pain of this object that sat by the door ready when the fighting began. Grandmothers and mothers share what the bag carried, what it meant to them and how it remains in their lives, today.

“Chantet al-Malja” by Rania Tabbara and Directed by Wafa’a Céline Halawi.

Rania Tabbara, an art and design advocate, has been at the forefront of Lebanon’s creative scene for two decades using Art to provoke open dialogue across religion, gender and generations.

On the set of her latest art project, “The Shelter Suitcase””, Rania shares her own perfect childhood memories based on family unity, strength and love. It would become the luggage that helped her in the difficult times to come. The war changed all that.

The current people’s revolution in Lebanon is being hailed as the final end to a Civil War that started decades ago. It seems fitting that this pilot episode be dedicated to all the women who may finally be able to ‘unpack their suitcases’, once and for ever.

There are two certainties in conflict: all wars end and no one escapes untouched. This series presents personal interviews with 7 notable journalists, artists, and activists whose lives have been defined by what happened and what they learned from war.

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Directed by Mark Abouzeid
Produced by Cedars Productions in collaboration with Real Lives Multicultural Association

Shot on location in Beirut, Lebanon.